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Easy maintenance methods

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First, Don’t long-term coverage of carpets and debris


To keep the stone smooth breathing, stone surface should be avoided in the long-term coverage of carpets and debris, or stone under the moisture can not be evaporated through the stone pores. Stone will be due to excessive moisture, water content increased and annoying stone disease problems. If you must lay the carpet, stacking debris, please do not forget to move often.



Second, we must immediately remove the pollution


All the stone has natural pores, the source of pollution (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) will easily penetrate into the stone material along the pores to create nasty stains. Therefore, we must choose a good quality stone special protective agent to prevent contamination of pollution sources stone. To know that all protective agent can not be 100% long-term block pollution, so once the source of pollution on the stone must be immediately removed to prevent infiltration of stone pores.



Third, we must always maintain ventilation and dry


Stone afraid of environmental humidity too. Water vapor will produce water, hydrolysis and carbonation of stone, resulting in water spots, albino, weathering, denudation, rust yellow and other lesions, destruction of stone, so the stone should be installed to maintain ventilation and dry.



Fourth, we should pay attention to choose the variety of protective agent


On the stone after the construction of the protection must be able to maintain the permeability of stone and waterproof, anti-fouling. Do not use the unknown protective agent, so as not only not reach the protective effect, but increased the difficulty of stone maintenance.



Five, to carry out regular protection treatment


To protect the stone life, barrier water and the penetration of pollution sources, we must regularly (depending on the type of stone and protective agent quality may be the best 1 to 3 years to do 1 or 2 times treatment) for protective treatment.