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Some details of the kitchen cabinet

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Contemporary people pay attention to the quality of life, but often they will be inadvertently overlooked important and small details. Just as there is not only dirty places where there will be pollution, the same clean kitchen and clean kitchen cabinet will hide the harm to human health, "the source of evil."


In addition to bacterial dirt, the kitchen there are noise pollution, visual pollution, olfactory pollution of the three major pollution, which the three major pollution is often easy to be ignored. Noise pollution health: all kinds of seasoning bottles, dishes, cooking utensils clanking when the collision, the range hood whistle in operation, the cabinet door closed when the crackling sound, the kitchen these annoying voices will increase When you cook the anxious mood.


Medical confirmed that excessive noise pollution, can cause people's ear discomfort, tinnitus earache symptoms; damage to cardiovascular; distraction, reduce work efficiency around the kitchen cabinet; resulting in nervous system dysfunction, in addition to the impact of vision. Experts suggest: To minimize the noise pollution, should design a reasonable storage rack, placed a variety of bottles and jars; installation of shock absorption sound of the door pad; according to state regulations, the range hood noise to be controlled at 65 ~ 68 decibels, so you should use suction and mute the best of both worlds products.