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The Daily Basic Maintenance of Stone Floor

Clicks:    Updated:2016-10-15 11:10:52

      Whether you are considering buying or already have it, proper care of the stone flooring will help keep the floor beautiful, play a protective role, after all, they are carefully selected. Nursing the better, the longer the life. Stone floor care, to remember some basic knowledge.

      1, The first step to dust. Cleaning is necessary and dirt remains on the floor to easily wear the floor. Put some cushions at the entrance to prevent soil from entering the room.

      2, Cleaning the floor, do not use too much water. The best use mop, wring dry water and then drag. Do not use any chemical products, especially products containing acidic substances. Wipe the floor with a dry mop after washing. However, other types of stone flooring is not necessary.

      3, High traffic flow to the local polished. Ask a professional to avoid damage.

      4, And finally, sealed once a year, if it is marble, then you need to frequent points, about once every 9 months sealed.

       In Europe and the United States is often used in the castle stone floor, home is your castle, conservation can make them with lasting, more beautiful.