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Why Abighouse


(1)Our delivery----Fast,No delay,On time

your times is expensive, we can’t waste it!

We can delivery the goods as per contract!

(2)Our Quality ----Strictly Control System of Quality, Guaranteed

Abighouse Quality Idea: 1% quality defect is user 100% disaster,

we have a  perfect quality control system.


(3)Our Team ----Strongest Staff & Team, Prompt Answer

Good sales & Service team, can help you save more cost and times, plus our professional knowledge , that is so easy for you to get your competitive and correct products.


(4)Our factory & Display Hall:

Abighouse have own and invested stone factory including granite in shijing, marble in shuitou, slate in hebei, sandstone in Sichuan etc.

Buy it from directly, make you so easy!

We have 1000sqm ( 10000sqft) Display Hall.